With the growth of hockey and competition, players and parents realize that off-ice skills and team concept development leads to greater on-ice progress.

Off-ice coaching is available to individual athletes, small groups, teams, or associations.

  • Performance Training
    Work with players to teach the benefit of physical conditioning, and to provide an ongoing personal training program. Committed to teaching safe and proper form and technique to prevent injury or future health issues. Injuries can lead to lost playing opportunities.

  • Chalk Talk
    Teach hockey concepts and systems that will improve your hockey game.

  • Video Analysis
    Have extensive experience in individual and team video analysis at the Division I collegiate and prep school levels.

    Work with players to view, edit, and analyze game video to improve individual skills, enforce team concepts, and foster a stronger hockey sense.

  • Player Evaluation
    An opportunity for players to have a former Division I recruiter and coach watch a game and perform an initial assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.

Contact Brooke to set-up one or multiple off-ice sessions. Take advantage of her hockey knowledge and experiences.