3sneaks believes that every athlete should have the ability to experience the Division I training feel and learn safe and proper form and technique to prevent injury or future health issues. As witnessed, injuries can lead to missed playing opportunities. This is why we follow a 5:1 athlete to coach ratio for our small group and team training sessions. We also offer personalized training sessions for those athletes who prefer individual attention.

Our staff of former collegiate athletes, and a former Division I hockey coach and U.S. National Team member, know first-hand what it takes to train hard, succeed and gain results. 

Although the sessions are challenging both mentally and physically, we operate using the "get in and get out" method. Everything that needs to be accomplished in a training session can be done in 45 minutes to an hour. Additionally, we understand the value of consistency and change taking time. These are the criteria necessary for results and why we require our athletes to meet with us at least twice a week for one month.

All ages of sport are becoming more competitive. Athletes continue to turn to strength and conditioning coaches to give them the advantage over their competitors. Put simply, performance training allows athletes to go faster, longer and stronger. As athletes become more competitive they need every edge they can get to succeed.

That is why today almost every Division I, II, and III collegiate athletic department has a Strength and Conditioning sub-department that works with its student-athletes away from their playing surface to help them improve on their speed, agility, and strength and conditioning. Although a focused and intense environment, coaches also work with athletes on injury prevention and post-injury solutions.

Besides working towards physical results a performance training atmosphere provides a place for athletes to gain confidence, social relationships, take accountability, understand attitudes about competing, and how to handle perceptions about how others view you.

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