Team training is a viable approach in order to enhance team outcomes. The sessions are useful for improving cognitive skills, emotional skills, teamwork processes, and performance outcomes.

The more time a team spends together in different environments, the greater the chance of success in their sport. It not only motivates and pushes each team member to perform better, but it provides mentally and physically challenging experiences that they must go through collectively. As each session is completed the bond teammates share with one another grows.


  • Strength in Numbers
    Teammates serve as positive motivation to push one another past their comfort zone and through that last set, rep, or seconds. The more teammates around to challenge, the greater success the team will experience as a whole.

  • More Fun with Others
    Performance training sessions are easier to complete and more enjoyable when teammates are working with other athletes who share common goals, interests, and values.

  • Unity Developed
    The more time a team trains together, the quicker they will establish a stronger bond and work together in unison.

  • Trust and Commitment is Established
    When teammates learn together, play together, train together, grow together, and tackle a goal together...they will defend each other and want to help the team reach success anyway they can.

Whether in-season or out-of-season, 3sneaks offers programs to build strength and team cohesiveness. We can come to you or your team can come to our facility.  

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