"She helped me considerably with the college process. She knew about each DI school and what I needed to do to get to attend the one of my choice."
- Division I Player
The Ohio State University, Lawrence Academy, USA U22 Team

"Coach Whitney's best skill is coaching and making her players even better than they were. She knows how to push them and how hard to make them work if they want to make it to the college or national team level. Great coach, and great person."
- Jordan Hampton
Northeastern University, Lawrence Academy, Little Caesar’s 19U, Assabet Valley, USA U18 Team 

"She's a great motivator, demands discipline, and has a passion for the game. She knows what it takes to get to the highest level and so she'll treat you like you're at the next level to prepare you."
- Division I Player
Dartmouth College 

"Coach Whitney taught me the importance of organization and managing my time during hockey season. Her lessons helped me excel in academics as well as sports."
- Division I Player
Providence College, Lawrence Academy, Assabet Valley 

"As a student Coach has helped me to realize that academics always come before athletics. She has told me that at the end of the day you still need to get a job and that you won’t be able to play hockey forever."
- Emily Field
Boston College, Lawrence Academy, Assabet Valley, USA U18 Team

"I would have to say Coach Whitney was the best coach I had throughout my career. She is such a complete person as a friend and a coach. She is genuine, passionate, charismatic, positive, willing, caring, and understanding. She portrays qualities that you do not see in everybody. If I had kid’s I would want them to be coached by Coach Whitney! Not only to learn the game of hockey, but life skills as well. Coach Whitney is someone I trust and go to if I need advice. She is a great coach and an amazing person!"
- Becky Zavisza
Boston College, The Berkshire School

"Coach Whitney has made me realize the importance of keeping well conditioned and has helped me improve my hockey skills. She has helped me realized that playing hockey can be both serious business and fun."
- Maryanne Menefee
University of Minnesota, Little Caesar's 19U, USA U18 Team

"She met with me individually to help me figure out where to look and how to go about contacting coaches."
- Rebecca Fleming
College of the Holy Cross, Choate Rosemary Hall, Lawrence Academy, Massachusetts Spitfires

"She genuinely cares about every person she comes into contact with and would do anything for them. I really appreciate everything she has done for me, and I am going to a great college and have become a better hockey player thanks to her help."
- Division I Player
Union College, Lawrence Academy, East Coast Wizards

"Coach Whitney used her experience in the sport to continuously test me to push my own potential as an athlete. Her practices and workout schedule helped me prepare for the college level. She also gave my teammates and I a chance to learn yoga to increase our flexibility and core strength. Not only did her practices give me the opportunity to get better, but also she helped me learn about the mental side of my game. Every moment was a learning moment, and she wasn’t afraid to push me to find my own answers."
- Division I Player
Boston University, Lawrence Academy, Assabet Valley

"She would remind my teammates and I that focus in school would allow us to play hockey to our potential."
- Division I Player
University of Connecticut

"I visited many schools with the help of Coach Whitney. Choosing one was a very hard decision, but Coach Whitney helped me to find which one would be the best place for me."
- Division III Player
Manhattanville College


"Brooke knows what it takes to be successful because she has been through it both as a player and a coach. I worked alongside Brooke at a USA hockey development camp and saw first hand how well she teaches both the game itself and the culture of the game. Brooke takes a very candid approach to athletics and is very good at reading what young athletes needs are. She is a great communicator, open, honest and very attentive. One of things I really admire is her ability to get young players focused on their future and to develop personal goals that they will want to work hard towards achieving."
- Maria Lewis
Former University of Maine Head Women’s Hockey Coach

"Brooke played and worked at a high level. She knows what it takes to get to the next level- whatever that level is for the individual. She is committed to the game of women’s hockey."
- Jim Plumer
Amherst College Head Women’s Hockey Coach

"Brooke is a valuable asset in helping players who are interested in attending colleges and prep schools. She has assisted families with evaluating schools and providing advice. She is an accurate assessor of talent to find the appropriate program. She knows and loves the game. She is a professional, and I, as a rival coach, have learned a lot from her and the way she ran her program at Lawrence Academy."
- Courtney Riepenhoff
Former Choate Rosemary Hall Division I Girls Varsity Hockey Head Coach

"Brooke is a wonderful coach and leader in women’s ice hockey. She brings her experiences from the highest level of women’s hockey and adapts these to her coaching philosophy. Brooke is someone I would love to work with and a coach I would love to have my kids play for."
- Melissa Pacific
Division I Prep School Girls Varsity Hockey Head Coach


"Jordan chose to apply to Lawrence Academy because of Brooke. Brooke worked Jordan hard but that was such a good thing. Jordan became a much better hockey player under Brooke due to her passion and caring about each player’s growth and potential. She teaches life lessons to every girl she coaches and has no problems delivering tough messages when they are needed. We have the utmost respect for Brooke. She is an awesome person and we can only wish that Jordan gets this type of guidance and direction on and off the ice as she did playing for Brooke. We hope that someday she gets another opportunity to play for or with her. I will speak for Jordan in saying the only one who loves Brooke Whitney more is our daughter Jordan. To this day Jordan and Brooke talk via text and phone when there is advice Jordan is looking for. Brooke has always been there to support her and we are so thankful for that. She is a great coach and even better person that we call a friend!"
- Rich and Linda Hampton (Parents to Jordan Hampton)
Northeastern University, Lawrence Academy, Assabet Valley, Little Caesar’s 19U, USA U18 Team

"Through her demonstration of health eating to a diverse workout routine, Brooke demonstrated to the athletes life skills. She taught my daughter the need to be fit in all areas of life, and that it starts with the food you eat. A healthy body is the building block of a healthy athlete. Brooke also taught the girls the need for cross training by introducing yoga to their workout routine. The players learned the benefits of flexibility in addition to toning of the muscle and mind."
- Matt and Sheila Field (Parents to Emily Field)
Boston College, Lawrence Academy, Assabet Valley, USA U18 Team

"Brooke impressed me with our first meeting. She was knowledgeable with the college process, and was clear about her expectations from her players. Brooke always spoke and appeared confident, while being professional. She was organized, and her team looked disciplined and professional, whether on the bench, heading into a rink, or during a game."
- Geralyn Hanson (Parent to Victoria Hanson)
Boston University, Lawrence Academy, Massachusetts Spitfires

"Brooke helped Alyssa realize her potential as an athlete and a student. She pushed her much further than Alyssa would push herself, making her realize she was capable of much more than she thought she was. Brooke focused on the person and not just the "athlete". We love Brooke and consider her a friend as well as a role model and coach. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone!" 
- Jodi Hewitson (Parent to Alyssa Brandland)
Castleton College, Cushing Academy